Web applications. How to create efficient deployment plans for Your company?

Not only the software installed on mobile devices is referred to as "applications". Web applications are launched via a web browser just like any other traditional website. However, they are much more elaborate than that.

The main goal of a web application is to provide the user with a specific service, e.g. online shopping, booking a night at the hotel, booking a flight or logging into the Customer panel. Instead of the one-sided flow of information typical for every website based on static HTML, the application offers real-time communication between the user and the server.

Unlike the software installed into the hard drive of Your computer, web applications need as little as the access to the Internet to work properly. That being said, it does not matter what device You are using. Easy access and little time needed to implement new functionalities are the main benefits that make investing in this field more than appealing. Web applications can develop even more if we take frequent server-side (not client-side) updates into account.

Web applications. What should You keep in mind if You are planning to launch one?

  1. Clearly define the functionalities

    First think about Your business objectives, and then how to fulfil them. The whole process of software development should lead to the development of Your company - not cause more trouble.

  2. Choose a team accordingly

    Once You know what You want to achieve, find some IT professionals with the experience in this field. It is worth trying team leasing here, because external consultants may often help to develop the initial idea.

  3. Create what Your end user does not see

    The effort of IT project managers, programmers and testers is the key element of the process of project development. Your Customer does not have to know how the application works, but they need to use it intuitively and get all the information they want.

  4. Create what Your end user does see

    Only now comes the time to design the layout consistent with the objectives and the architecture of Your software. Remember that the appearance of an online shop, a booking system or an e-learning platform must stem from Your needs - never the other way around!

  5. Let the application develop by itself

    The moment of launching Your application is both a success and a test. By watching the users and listening to their needs, You can keep on improving Your software and gaining even more Customers.

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