About us

About us

We will help you to grow your business! Umbrella Limited is a software house with experience. Technology is our main tool allowing us to dynamize the operations of every organization.

We create dedicated IT systems tailored to the Client’s needs. We offer not only professional and functional applications but also IT consulting and access to the expert knowledge of our specialists. We work in a team leasing and body leasing model.

Our values



We are experienced in difficult and complex projects for companies from various industries. We enjoy new challenges!



Every little detail of the project is important to us. We build high-quality systems that our Clients use the long-term.



Our projects are managed by our key experts. We have built a strong and successful team.



We value clarity and understanding! We actively listen to our Clients and their technological and business needs.

Our team

We focus on the effective project management and clear communication with the Client. We build project teams dedicated to specific projects. Our main experts and co-founders of Umbrella Limited are at your service.

Photo: Krzysztof Ostrowski

Krzysztof Ostrowski

CEO & Founder – effectively combines his IT skills with soft skills. He can prove how technology optimizes business and critically and thoroughly analyzes IT solutions. He looks for correlations and potential risks. His focus are long-term and high-quality relations with Clients and co-workers. He has been involved with the IT industry for 20 years. A graduate from Politechnika Poznańska.

Contact: [email protected] | +48 513 172 425

Photo: Arkadiusz Kubiak

Arkadiusz Kubiak

CTO & Founder – has extensive IT knowledge and builds IT architectures based on clear business directions. He can find effective optimization for every process. His focus is building a dedicated team for a specific project. He has been working in the IT industry for 10 years. Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań graduate.

Contact: [email protected] | +48 793 345 599

Photo: Mariusz Wielkopolski

Mariusz Wielkopolski

COO & Founder – skillfully combines his knowledge of tools with the needs and expectations of the market. He defines the Client’s needs in a broad perspective – business and IT. He can talk about technology in a clear and understandable way and his strength is his peace of mind. He has been involved with the IT industry for 15 years. He graduated from the University of Gdańsk.

Contact: [email protected] | +48 694 406 588

Photo: Kinga Niesłuchowska

Kinga Niesłuchowska

Senior Sales Manager - Scandinavian markets – Many years spent on managing people and customer service made her understand the consumers' needs and recommend the best possible solutions in every case. After staying in Norway for a few years she fell in love with the Scandinavian culture and understands it like no one else - hence her responsiveness when it comes to cooperating with Norwegian companies.

Contact: [email protected] | +48 789 249 446