Team leasing in IT. When is it worth trying?

Team leasing is a popular staffing solution nowadays. It involves hiring a dedicated team of professionals for a fixed period of time to perform a specific task. Every project has its own team leader, who mediates between the Customer and the subcontractor. In that way many unfortunate staffing decisions and unnecessary turnover in the team can be avoided. But when exactly is this solution useful in IT?

We are going to show You when team leasing is worth trying!

  1. You have needs but You lack resources

    ording to the "Platform Evolution" (CIONET and Digital Excellence 2019) report, 68% of Polish companies are understaffed when it comes to IT employees. Team leasing is the answer to both the expectations of the business and the current situation of the job market. There will always be too few professionals and the technological challenges entrepreneurs need to face are getting more and more considerable.

    If You are certain Your business is doomed to stagnation without the support of IT, hiring an external team is the most optimal choice for You. All the responsibility for this field is thus delegated to the subcontractor and You do not have to worry about understaffing anymore.

  2. You pay particular attention to dedicated IT solutions

    The development of dedicated IT systems requires versatility and flexibility above all. A team of professionals in different fields works faster and more efficiently if they already know one another, and You can enjoy software fully adjusted to Your company's needs. Team leasing guarantees that Your teams are suited to the project, and not the other way around.

    Team leasing can also be useful when it is hard to clearly define the ultimate outcome, because the project is highly innovative and keeps evolving. Such complicated tasks can hardly be confined to fixed work schedules. The cooperation with an external team puts the ultimate outcome first, which guarantees the employment of the best tools available.

  3. IT consulting for an internal department

    Team leasing does not always include large-scale projects and teams of many people. If Your IT department already works effectively when carrying out an important task, it may be worth just hiring an external expert to objectively assess their effort. In such a case a dedicated team of consultants may be even better. They will certainly give a fresh look at the software.

To sum up, a team can be hired during any deployment stage to streamline Your solution in the best possible way. Do not forget that IT consulting involves the transfer of knowledge as well - our experts will definitely help Your employees develop.

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