Interface desing

Interface design

Umbrella Limited offers a wide range of IT solutions - Interface design is one of them. GUI (Graphical User Interface) in particular, as an important software element, affects the quality of user-hardware interaction.

When designing personal user interfaces for our Customers, we tend to follow three basic principles: practicality, transparency and simplicity. The design process itself is based on reliable tests, which effectively determine user preferences. That allows us to meet Customer expectations beyond all doubt.

The part of the application responsible for user interaction is called an interface. It’s the interface that makes it possible to perform various tasks, handle processes, and achieve any set objectives. User interface design is a demanding job, which requires professional knowledge and years of experience in IT. Luckily, a team of trusted experts in Umbrella Limited will be more than glad to do it for You.

Interface Design - for the end user

In order to make dedicated applications as user-friendly as possible, Umbrella Limited designs intuitive and visually pleasing interfaces, tailored to the expectations of end users. Our projects are always based on reliable and repeatable research, which allows us to unambiguously determine our Customers’ preferences. Here, GUI design is a structured and thought-out process.

When designing interfaces, we pay particular attention not only to aesthetics, but also to practicality and efficiency. We make sure that all graphical elements are consistent and the UI is simple and easy to use. The interface should harmonise with other parts of the application, while remaining foolproof and user-friendly. In order to create readable interfaces, Umbrella Limited employs state-of-the-art technologies, advanced tools and any current trends in graphic design.

GUI design

A transparent, high-quality GUI will make Your application as user-friendly as possible. Umbrella Limited designs custom graphics while keeping the quality of user interaction in mind. We can assure You that we’ll implement the GUI quickly and efficiently. Making the application run smoothly and producing a visually pleasing layout - both are important during the process of interface design.

Do You want to find out more about our offer? Contact us - we’ll try to dispel any doubts about interface design and give more information on pricing and service details. The team of experts at Umbrella Limited is what You need to design dedicated IT solutions. Personalised layout is the key to creating a consistent image of Your company and facilitating the access to the application’s functionalities. So don’t hesitate and start working with us to increase Your business efficiency.