Projektowanie aplikacji

Application design

Business application design is one of the services offered by Umbrella Limited. We cooperate with companies in various business areas in order to increase their sales and efficiency, and to provide them with easy and simple access to their data.

We have years of experience in handling demanding projects while making sure they remain personalised. The applications we design are always tailored to our Customers’ needs. The areas we specialise in include sales, e-learning, transport and many more.

Our main focus when designing applications is to deliver high-quality and professional services. It is also one of our greatest passions. When creating innovative and visually pleasing IT tools, we pay attention to every single detail, in order to successfully meet end user’s expectations. We make constant use of various state-of-the-art solutions. Our applications are the key to make Your company function efficiently and to let You gain advantage over the competition.

Application design - intuitive use

When designing new applications for our Customers, we strive to make them particularly user-friendly. We don’t want the end user to struggle with our tools, after all. With Umbrella Limited You are guaranteed comfort and simplicity. Our offer includes web application design with a particular focus on an intuitive interface - it is going to support internal communications within Your company and streamline any business processes taking place there.

State-of-the-art design and original layout of our IT solutions are accompanied by their high functionality. Any application made by Umbrella Limited is not only practical, but also visually pleasing. Particularly high quality and accuracy is what distinguishes us from the competition. That’s because the process of web application design is performed by a team of experts with wide knowledge and years of experience in IT.

Web application design - easy access to data

A simple and functional application is a great help when managing a business. It makes accessing any data much easier. If You use our offer, You will be able to gain access to all the data concerning Your company’s activity. Besides, it will be available to You any time, from anywhere. All You need for it to work is access to the internet.

With Umbrella Limited You are guaranteed the security of Your data. We are going to make sure the tool is easily updated and integrated with other systems currently in use. Contact us if You need a sales tool or a CRM system. We also offer professional help with designing applications concerned with job management, recrutation processes and e-learning.